12 Days of Lipstick | #2

So, yeah. I kind of fell behind on this. My second post was meant to be on Saturday but by the time I got ready to go out I didn’t have time to do a post. And if I’m being totally honest I don’t remember getting home and I woke up really late the next day feeling sicker than a dog – I really don’t get that saying.

But lets go back to that horrible night. I wore my MAC Rebel lipstick. Everything about the lipstick is beautiful. The beautiful pink and purple tones – to me – make it appropriate for both day and night time wear. And I also think it is perfect for all seasons – I’ve never been a follower of trends ( I tend to jump on the trend wagon after its long left the station).

sorry about the poor quality – only had time to take it at night on my phone                         

I’m really wanting to try MAC Diva and Plumful – they are really similar but they both look so beautiful. Hopefully I can get back to doing these posts ( I’ve been such a lazy blogger).

What MAC lipstick do you love?