20 Things Before I’m 20

So on my last birthday I turned 18, and just before my birthday I did the 18 Things Before I’m 18 TAG on my YouTube. I didn’t really managed many of them – I think I only managed to get about 4 or 5 of them done. Since I have two years to do the 20 things I’ve chosen I think I should have plenty of time to do them all.

   1.  Pass my driving test and get a car. These are kind of cheat ones – since I’m hoping to have this one done by April at latest.

   2. Go on a holiday, the last time I went on holiday I was 16 and it was in a caravan. I really want to go abroad since I’ve never been on a plane.

  3. Run a 5k in under half an hour.

  4. Get a make-up storage system that I’m happy with.

  5. Buy a new camera, and maybe some lighting.

  6. Fly about in a hot air balloon – why would you not want to do this?

  7. Meet a few bloggers in person

  8. Get first Tattoo

  9. Learn to cook – meals, desserts anything. I want to be able to cook at least 5 dishes from scratch.

10. Pass my finals this year – means getting into second year!!!

11. Reach 1000 followers on both GFC and bloglovin’ – I would probably cry if this happened.

12. See some of the worlds wonders

13. Attach a lock to the love bridge in France

14. Write on Juliet’s wall – there seems to be a theme here seeing cool things in different countries

15. Own a Polaroid camera

16. Kiss someone at midnight on New years

17. Donate Hair to charity

18. Be able to do the splits – kind of a silly one but I’ve wanted to be able to do this for ages ( and it would so help me in cheer)

19. Make New Years resolutions and stick to them!

20. And finally – just be happy with who I am and don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of me. After all the only persons opinion that matters is my own – and my mums.

What do you want to achieve before your next big birthday?