GlamGlow #Multimasking Set | Review

Glamglow Multimasking

So I bought these a couple months ago (before I made the decision to only buy cruelty free products) after finding out they had this little set in Boots, I’d wanted to try the masks for ages but didnt want to pay so much for them if they turned out to be rubbish. 
So the set comes with six different mini sized masks: Supermud; Youthmud; Thirstymud; Flashmud; and Powermud. I’ve yet to try Youthmud or Flashmud but after trying the other three I’m not sure I want to… 

My skin really isn’t sensitive, its very oily and dehydrated though, so when I first tried these masks the ones I used were Supermud on my Tzone, Powermud on my cheeks and after removing finished off with thirsty mud. Seems like a lot of masks, but they were all in different places, Glamglow actually suggested that as a way to use them – and I have since tried them again on their own in small patches with the same outcome – the outcome being that my face gets so red, sore and sensitive – it also tingled for hours after removing the masks. I’ll give Thirstymud its dues – it didn’t really effect my skin, however a little bit got on my lip by accident and it stung like a mother! Plus side to Thirstymud though – it did leave my skin feeling super soft.
Supermud I think is a charcoal mask – if not its very similar in its colour, and I do find that some (not all though) charcoal masks can effect my skin a little – but thats just it, only a little and any redness or itchyness from them usually goes away soon after but not with Supermud, my face felt sore and sensitive for hours after using it – it is such a shame too as people do rave about it so much. I had such high hopes. 
Powermud, is described as a dual cleansing mask, and although I hadn’t heard of this one prior to using it, I was excited to try it as the box suggests its good for “detoxing” the skin. Just like with Supermud this left my skin feeling really tender, I think this might have actually made my skin feel a little worse than Supermud… It almost looks like a scrub when you squeeze it out the tube – maybe that was the issue? Although Supermud felt much more abrasive. 
The only silver lining to this set in my opinion is Thirstymud – it was the only decent one of the set that I tried. It seemed to soothe the way the other masks made my skin feel – so thats at least a little bit of a plus. When I tried it on its own, I will say that it made my skin feel nice and soft. I accidentally got Thirstymud on my lip a little and oh boy did it sting. I’ve literally never known masks to be like this before. 
I might at some point try the other 3 but at this time I am in now rush to put these near my face. I know this is a pretty negative post, I just wanted to through my thoughts on Glamglows masks into the ring. What about you though have you ever tried these, what did you think of them?