Oliver Bonas mini haul

Oliver Bonas

Is Oliver Bonas possibly the best place in the world?!?

It actually might be. I’ve never been into one before but always drool over their site – I only realised they actually have a store in Glasgow recently! One in Central and one in the West End. I decided after work to go into the Central store one day and had a wee look – and of course left with a few cute home wear bits.

The Central store is only a small one – and their site is filled with hundreds of lovely home wear bits but even still I somehow found myself holding loads of items and having to debate with myself about which ones to buy and which to put back. So here we have it – the final three.

I wish David’s bed had a headboard I could wrap fairy lights round – but alas the headboard shall not allow me. Sigh. Good news is though – all bloggers need fairy lights! I need to work on styling them in photos but I think theyll end up making photos a fair bit prettier! I’ve been after a set of fairy lights for awhile, so when I saw these ones in Oliver Bonas I knew I had to have them!

I’d seen online this super cute llama trinket dish – I love llamas and alpacas so when I saw it online I decided it would be mine. It was in the sale and is now even cheaper than when I got it! Shes (yes the dish is a she) so cute, she’ll be adorable as a blog prop and a nice way to house my very many curby grips.

The final thing I allowed myself to get was this really sweet cat candle – it smells really nice and since David loves candles I thought having a cute wee one would be a nice addition to the room. Its quite a weighty candle and when its burned out it’ll look super cute – maybe for holding brushes?

I’ve got a my eye on a few more things from them – along with a few things from Anthropologie. Maybe some more cute home bits will be appearing again soon on the blog?