Valentino Donna Perfume | Review

Valentino Donna PerfumeA few months back David’s mum and dad spoiled me for my birthday, one of the things they treated me to was the absolutely amazing Valentino Donna perfume. I’d seen this whilst in the airport coming back from Fuerteventura but as I was el skinto from the holiday I had to leave it behind. 

The bottle itself is stunning, I think thats why I was originally drawn towards it. I want to say the bottle looks studded, but its probably more accurate to say its quilted. Its finished off with gold accents, the lid itself being gold and also the branding on the front of the bottle. The liquid inside is a pale pink shade that along with the bottle design looks really pretty. 

The scent is fresh, it has a slight sweet fruity scent to it along with a nice musky floral scent. Describing fragrances is so difficult cause we all smell things differently, but I just find that this is perfect for both day and night wear as its not too heavy for day time but also not too light and fresh for evening wear. I think that everything about this perfume screams feminine and classy, its just such a sophisticated scent. 

Have you ever given this perfume a try? What did you think of it?