Read in February

January was an amazing month full of reading for me, February not so much but I did still get in a few new reads.(and made it half way through another!) I don’t know why I didn’t manage to get a few more books read this months, but whenever I tried to read I just found that I was too exhausted to read or couldn’t focus on anything long enough to even try. Read In February

The first of the books I finished off in February was From Blood by Edward Wright. I loved this book. I thought I pretty much knew what was going on for the whole book then suddenly everything I thought I knew was wrong. The plot twisted and turned and had me flicking page after page – desperate to know how it ended. If you like crime books I’d highly recommend this.

Next up we have The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim. I’m honestly not sure on what I think of this book. I found that the vast majority of it was sayings and such like to go along with the text that came previous, and although I liked the longer text and found that to be a nice read – I found all the sayings to be boring and in all honesty kind of ruined the book for me. I really wasn’t a fan of this book, but thats not to say that you wouldn’t like it.

Read In February The Alchemist Final book that I read was The Alchamist by Paulo Coelho. I loved this book – I read it cover to cover in just a couple of days (although if I had read it during the day rather than just before bed I’d have finished it in a matter of hours!) I can’t even quite describe why I love this book – it genuinely just made me feel good reading it, I read it after seeing someone say it was the greatest book they ever read and I can understand why they said this. If your looking for a lovely book to read with a great story then this is the book for you (even if your not looking for these things I’d still recommend reading this!)

I’m hoping in March to read a few more books than I did this month – my to read pile is getting a little out of hand if I do say so myself!

9 books down, just 21 left for my goal!