Skin Care Routine

Skin Care RoutineOver the past few weeks I’ve changed my skin care routine greatly – I was doing the bare minimum with my routine and my skin was showing that. My skin was in such horrific condition for the longest time and now its gotten back on track and I think its 100% down to my routine.

Skin Care Routine CleansersMy morning routine has pretty much stayed the same due to me having next to no time to spend much time on it before I’m rushing back off out to work. So morning is literally just cleanse and moisturise. I’ve been switching between the Arbonne Purifying Cleanser and Toner and the Nip n Fab Glycolic Fix cleanser. I originally started using the Nip n Fab cleanser again just so I could use it up but I’ve been so impressed with it recently that I’ll probably buy it again when it runs out. I had some really cysty type spots on my chin and after using this for a couple weeks I’ve noticed that they have gotten much much smaller and less painful. I’ve also notice my skin is a heck of a lot less oily – but thats probably down to a combination of things including my diet being much cleaner now too.

The Arbonne cleanser is another of the ones I use on cycle in the mornings, I like it cause its really gentle on the skin Рtakes care of the oilyness without over drying my skin like some cleansers can. Its a two in one Рso cleanser and toner Рwhich is good for me in the mornings as it removes a step from my routine that otherwise would take up more time.Skin Care Routine Moisturisers Next step in my morning routine is really easy and simple but I think since introducing it to my routine my skins changed a fair bit, and the product in mind here is the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Acid Pads. I use these in the morning as they are so quick to use but I think they are super effective. The pads are packed with witch hazel to help tone the skin and added Aloe & Pro Vitamin B5. They also give a light exfoliant to the skin, removing dead skin cells and giving the skin a much brighter appearance.

Final step for the morning is simply to moisturise – I’ve just been using the Arbonne Oil Absorbing Day Lotion. I like it but I think there might be something more suited to my skins needs – I’m crazy oily, dry and dehydrated. Very mixed skin type and I’m forever trying to find moisturisers to suit my skin. David has recently started using a bunch of skin care from the Body Shop so I might dive into some of their moisturisers and toners soon too.

My evening routine has much more to it than my morning routine. I’ve so much more time at night to take care of my skin so I spend as much time as I can whilst getting ready for bed.

Skin Care Routine Glycolic Acid Toner Facial OilSo again I just start with cleansing, I use both the cleansers I mentioned earlier in the post just to give my skin a right good cleanse. Next I use the Superdrug Glycolic Tonic, I love the Glycolic range from Superdrug – its so cheap but it works wonders. As an extra wee something for my skin I every other day apply a couple of different products, the first of those is the Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil. I find this helps soooo much with any dry and dehydrated bits I’ve got on my skin – I’ve been loving this more in the winter months since my skin has really taken a beating due to the crazy Scottish weather. A couple of drops of this oil is literally all you need to have your skin feeling super soft and nourished.

Skin Care Routine Glycolic Overnight Night Cream and spot TreatmentThe other product I use every other day is another of the Superdrug Glycolic products, this one is the Glycolic Overnight Peel. This is quite runny in consistency but I think its done wonders for my skin. My skin just feels sooo much softer and I think that my breakouts and blackheads are much more reduced since I started to use this. Final step I always use in my routine is to use my Arbonne Night Cream, when I first tried this I was sooo impressed with it. I’d never used a night cream before trying this one and I think it was just what my skin needed – its definitely helped my skin be less dry and dehydrated than it was before.

There is actually one last thing I use, but its only for sore or red spots to help quicken them along, the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is a dream for getting rid of spots, I’m actually almost out of my little bottle – its lasted me ages and it does the job so the price tag doesn’t bother me at all.

My skin care routine is completely cruelty free which makes me so happy – I’m looking to add a toner into my routine soon and I’m thinking of either trying a Body Shop one or one from Fresh.

What would you recommend I try in my routine next?