Beauty Haul | Superdrug

Superdrug HaulI can’t stop spending money on makeup and beauty products. I’ve found myself desperately wanting to do a makeup course and this has caused me to want more and more beauty products. I keep looking at looks on instagram and this of course makes me want to buy more makeup to try and recreate the looks. Also I’ve started moving my make-up to Davids house and since I’ve cleared out so much over the past year I’ve kind of convinced myself I can get more makeup…. Logical right?

Anyhoo, lets talk about the things I’ve been buying. I did an online order and then visited shops a couple of times too.

Superdrug haul Bondi Sands TanSo first time I went into Superdrug I went in search of fake tan, I did a little bit of research before I bought one as I wanted to make sure the one I went for was cruelty free.

I was torn between the Superdrug own brand ones or Bondi Sands – in the end I decided to go for the Bondi Sands one as its a bigger more known brand – I wont be applying it though, David the honour of bronzing me up shall be yours!

I decided to go for the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Light Medium. Im a v pale person, so I thought I’d play it safe and go for their lightest tan, that way hopefully it wont be too crazy! To go with the foam I’ve got myself a mitt, it was just the Superdrug own brand one and its got wee flamingos all over it.

Superdrug Haul Bilou Shower FoamSuperdrug Haul Bilou Shower FoamI also got a few products from Bilou. I’ve seen this brand on so many blogs already and as far as I can tell they are cruelty free. I’d been meaning to try them for awhile, and I’m always glad to try new cruelty free shower products – I love Lush shower products but I do like a change every now and again. All the shower foams cost £3.99 and were 3 for 2 when I got them.

Now £3.99, not the cheapest for a shower product but again not the most expensive I’ve come across. Since it was 3 for 2 I did get 3 of the scents. I’ve yet to try any of them so can’t comment on how they work but a review will be up in the coming weeks on them.

The scents I got were Pink Melon, Fizzy Berry and Tasty Donut. They do have a couple of other scents but these were the only ones my Superdrug had at the time.

Lets talk makeup now.

Superdrug Haul Revolution MakeupI went mad and got lots to try from Revolution. I’m so late on the band wagon for this brand – I’ve literally never tried anything from them, or any of the sister brands to it. So lets look at what I got.

First up I got the Revolution Pro Fix Oil Controlling Fixing Spray, it was £5 which is so good for a fixing spray – both of the other ones I’ve tried from other brands were over £20 each so this is a bargain. I’ve yet to try this or any of the other makeup bits I’ve got but I’ll most likely do a proper review on the items later.

Next lets talk about the Revolution Brow Tint in the shade Medium Brown, £5. Since this is a semi permanent brow product I’ll be giving this a try when I’ve got a few days off just in case it goes horribly wrong.

I also picked up the Revolution Pro Prime Oil Face Primer, £7. The idea of an oil as a primer intrigued me, so I decided to get it as well – I’m not sure how well it will work with my oily skin but then again facial oils are sometimes an absolute god send for my skin. So we shall see.

Superdrug Haul Revolution FoundationsI got not one, not even two, but three foundation products. Why did I ever think I needed that much foundation?! First up I decided to get the Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation in F3, £5.

I swatched this in store and decided this was maybe the best option for my skin – I’ve yet to actually see if it matches my face so we shall see. Although if I tan myself soon I know this will be too light…

Next foundation I got was the Revolution Pro Full Cover Camouflage Foundation, £7, again I got this in F3 figured if the other foundation in F3 worked then this one would too. I didn’t test this shade in store so we’ll see if its a good match soon.

I saw this foundation being advertised online and decided it could well be a really good option for me – I love a high coverage foundation, and this one was being advertised as being high enough coverage to cover tattoos.

Final foundation now, this one is the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops, again in F3, £7. This does look quite dark in the bottle though, at least compared to how the other two look. We’ll see how it turns out though.

I also got a concealer from Revolution Pro, I decided to go for the Full Cover Camouflage Concealer in C3, £5. Thinking on it now I maybe should have got this in C2 just as I like a slightly lighter concealer but it’ll still hopefully do the job.

Superdrug Haul Revolution GlittersOK! Now time to talk about the two products that started this whole Revolution buying spree! The Revolution Pro Eyeshadow Pans – more specifically the new and oh so beautiful glitters.

They only have the two sets but the shades are stunning and at £6 for 5 pans you can’t really turn your nose up. I got both sets, cause y’know why not?

The first of the sets is in the shade set Glisten Up. This set is all very cool toned – mostly blues and greens. There are a couple of very pretty looking pink tones too – but again they are very pale at least compared to the shades in the other palette.

Glisten Here is the other set of shadows, this is much more warm toned than the other – more reds and oranges. Each shadow has their own individual name written on the back of the pan as well, its nice that each shade has its own colour name – especially if your going to be sticking these shadows into a larger magnetic palette.

I’ll let you know how I get on with them as I’ve not had a chance to use them properly yet – although I have watched a couple of videos of girls using them, and daaaaamn they look good!

So thats the haul, I really need to stop spending money – my bank balance really isn’t looking to healthy now after having bought so much makeup and various other things the past couple of weeks.

Have you tried any of these products before? What are your beauty recommendations for me to try?