Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam | Review

Bondi Sands TanI’ve not used a self tan product in years – hit the occasional sunbed and lay bathing in the sun on  holiday – but actually taken the tie to exfoliate, moisturise and actually tan? Well I don’t think I’ve actually done that since I was 18 and was convinced that I needed to tan before a night out. Since then I’ve more or less embraced the pale, but recently cause of show prep and on account of the bad weather I thought I’d give it a try. Enter the Bondi Sands Self Tan Foam in Light/Medium.

I decided on the Bondi Sands as its got a great name behind it and a girl I follow on Instagram always uses it religiously so I thought I’d give Bondi Sands a whirl. I decided to go for the foam, figuring it would be easier to apply than a spray or lotion type one.

Bondi Sands is kind to bunnies so is cruelty free, Superdrug has lots of cruelty free options to pick from though – even their own brand fake tan (which I may give a go after this one runs out!)

I’d actually had this in my possession for about two weeks before I decided to brave applying it. My plan originally was to get David to apply it for me, but he was at work and after seeing so many people talk about the Isle of Paradise tanning products (now very much on my list of things I want to try) I decided to just brave it and give it a go myself.

I seemed to have done really well applying it though – don’t get me wrong I struggled soooo much with trying to apply it to my back but it came out reasonably well short arms considered. My elbows and knees didn’t go all funny and the colour looks really natural – I just left it on for a few hours before washing it off.

Its scented with coconut – I honestly didn’t even notice the smell of it, David and his mum however picked up on the coconut scent right away. They both hate the smell, so that kinda pushed me to washing it off earlier.

I did notice the awful smell of fake tan though after it had been on a wee while, and the next day in the gym all I could smell was fake tan. Gross.

The tan itself though is so natural looking and left my skin feeling really soft. My only slight messed up bit was my right hand – its gone a bit weird on my fingers. I’ll learn for next time though.

I also need to find a way of tanning my face without looking weird – thinking the Isle of Paradise drops could be a good shout.

When this first coat started fading my friend used her spray tan gun to apply this too me – again my right hand/ wrist went a bit weird but overall the application was nearly flawless and very natural looking. I didn’t go too dark, and no one pointed out that I was wearing fake tan. So it must have looked natural then, right?

Very impressed with the Bondi Sands Foam tan, the light/ medium shade is perfect for my pale skin – giving me a natural looking glow.

I’d love to try more in the way of fake tans though, so let me know what your favourites are!