NYX Make-up Purchases

NYX Beauty HaulHi, my name is Sarah and I have a make-up addiction. I literally can’t seem to stop buying/ thinking about buying make-up. Its becoming a small issue. I blame it on my decision to try and become a freelance make-up artist. I seem to be convincing myself that I’m 1000% justified in buying more make-up to help further my “career”.

I’m really just an addict – an addict to makeup. 

Any hoo… I got some stuff from NYX recently and I thought I’d share them – I’d pretty much gone into every store that sold NYX for weeks trying to find one that had the Glitter Primer in stock, and finally the Silverburn Boots got them back in!

So naturally, I picked up the Glitter Primer and a few other bits and bobs. So the thing that started this small (and completely unnecessary purchase) the Glitter Primer. The NYX Glitter Primer is £8 for a 10ml tube, it is what it says. It’ll help keep glitter (and I assume pigments) from fading or falling.

To go along with the Glitter Primer I got myself a few glitters too. I got two of the Glitter Brillants and one of the new Metallic Glitters both the glitter types cost £6 and contain 2.5g of product.

I got the shades Red and Rose in the Glitter Brilliants and the shade Lumi-light in the Metallic Glitters. I’m really excited to start playing around with the shades and see what looks I can create with these.

Final product I picked up is one of the NYX Retractable Eye Liners in the shade Aqua Green. I fancied the look of this shade and thought it might make for a cool liner look – not sure when I’ll get around to creating a look with this but I don’t have a shade like it in my collection.

I’m looking to add some more glitters to my collection – theres a bunch on eBay I’ve got my eye on next…