Hey! I’m Sarah, a small but bold 22 year old from Glasgow! I’ve been told I’m so small that I have to say I’m “smol”. I originally started my blog way back in 2012 as a way of sharing my love of beauty and skin care with people as my mum was more than fed up of me always harping on about “this new lipstick” that I got. Since then though I’ve been up and down with my blog – posting consistently some months and not so much the next. I kept putting it down to life getting in the way, but that was just a cop out – yes some of the time that might have been the reason but not always – it was purely down to my priorities not being in check. Priorities have been arranged though, and blogging is back up at the top with work, unfortunately I have to go to earn dolla, and (also unfortunately) university, of which I’ve fallen very much out of love with and now despise going in – I think failing twice might have had something to do with that…

I’m only a part time blogger, if only it was my full time job (insert sad emoji) with a crazy big love of shopping – makeup, homeware, books – you name it I’ll probably buy it – apart from clothing, I actually hate clothe shopping. Hate doesn’t seem like a strong enough word to describe it actually… I loathe clothe shopping more than anything, literally there are a million things I’d rather do.

If you find me in my natural habitat, I’m most likely eating all the foods, at the gym to make up for all the foods that have been consumed or even in bed – here I do all my favourite things, like binge watch TV, cuddle my dog and eat all the foods with David.

Other things I love apart from my dog, David, food and TV is travelling – I’d honestly love to save up money sell all my crap and go travelling forever. Theres never not a time that I’m not dreaming of being somewhere new and unknown.

When I started out at university, I was so excited and knew that Forensics was what I wanted to do, now after 5 years of a 4 year degree and only being in 3rd year I’m not so keen on the idea of Forensics and am now considering a course switch to something like social marketing – I think now it makes the most sense and would allow me to do something that is in some ways similar to blogging – which I love. We’ll see what happens though..

I really hope that you like what you’ve seen so far on Those Stars That Shine (its a mouthful I know but I chose it way back and its kinda stuck), if you want to stick around and follow me eating and hopefully travelling to all the places then you can find my social networks over on the right-hand side. I love having a chat and making friends through the blogging community, so if you ever want to get in touch feel free to pop an email over to thoestarsthatshine@hotmail.co.uk or hit me up on twitter.